Wellington Bezanson in "Mate of Str. Brunswick Had His Back Broken", The Daily Sun, (St. John, New Brunswick), 10 August 1903, page 1

Parrsboro — Mate of Str. Brunswick Had His Back Broken — Another Fine Schooner Launched

(Special to the Sun.)

PARRSBORO, N.S., Aug. 8.—Today from their shipyard at Port Greville H. Elderkin & Co. added the fine tern schooner Lavonia to the already growing Parrsboro fleet. She is 266 tons register, and iron keeled, classed and sailed, and is as handsome a vessel as ever was launched on this shore. She is owned by the firm and loads piling for New York. The launch was witnessed by a large crowd from here and surrounding country, including a number of American tourists, who were greatly pleased with the event.

Wellington Bezanson, mate of the str. Brunswick, was struck by a cargo gaft here last night and had his back broken. The steamer was here with an excusion from Bass River, and the mate along with some others was getting things in shape for the return trip. While hoisting the gaft a block unhooked, letting it fall, striking him between the shoulders. Everything possible was done for him here, and this morning he was taken to the Springhill hospital for treatment. He belongs to Mount Denison and is an industrious young man. Owing to the accident and the bad weather the excursionists were compelled to remain here all night, returning home this morning.

The Daily Sun (St. John, New Brunswick), 10 August 1903, page 1