B—4. Joseph B. BEZANSON of Chester, born 16 March 1834, died at Bel-
cher St., Port Williams, Kings County, 22 Dec. 1921. He was buried
from the Baptist Church at Port Williams on Saturday, 24 December,
1921. Rev. Prosser preached, taking as his text Job 5:26. The in-
formation found in his family Bible is presented through the courtesy
of Mrs. Addie E. Williams, Riverview, N.B., who now owns it.

Page One:
    This certifies that Joseph B. BEZANSON of Chester. N.S., and
    Margaret A. CORKUM of LaHave, N.S., were united in the bonds
    of Holy Matrimony at Lahave, N.S., on the sixteenth day of
    November in the year of Our Lord 1867 in the presence of Elias
    Corkum, and Jacob Corkum, by Rev. Stephen March.
    Annie Eva Bezanson, b. 11 Oct. 1868.
    Catherine Adelia Bezanson, b. 16 Mar. 1870.
    Bessie May Bezanson, b. 30 Aug. 1872.
    Charles H. Spurgeon Bezanson, b. 11 June 1874.
    Fannie Eleanor Bezanson, b. 8 Mar. 1876, died 24 Sept. 1878.
    Eliza Jane Bezanson. b. 1 Jan. 1878.
    Fannie Victoria Bezanson, b. 26 Mar. 1880, died 29 Sept. 1922.
    Isaiah Judson Bezanson, b. 19 Mar. 1882.
   (Ronald DeBlois Bezanson, b. 24 June 1884).
   (Rowland Sanford Bezanson, b. 24 June 1884).
    Arthur Craw1ey Bezanson. b. 11 Jan. 1887.
    Mary Winifred Bezanson, b. 28 Sept. 1889, died 30 Nov. 1921.
Page Two:                      Marriages
    Annie E. Bezanson married Augustus MEISTER May lst. 1889.
    Adelia C. Bezanson married Leo DORHATY Feb. lst. 1891.
    Bessie M. Bezanson married William BISHOP Aug. 6th.l892.
    Janie Bezanson married George McGINNIS March 9th. 1898.
    Spurgeon Bezanson married Sadie ROWLIE Dec. 8th. 1901.
    Fannie V. Bezanson married James SMITH June 9th. 1909.
    Arthur C. Bezanson married Josephine GATES Jan. 5th. 1910.
    Roland Bezanson married Ethel HUDSON June 7th. 1911.
    Judson Bezanson married Mrs. ROGERS Nov. 29th. 1916.
    Ronald Bezanson married Betty DUFFEE May 10th. 1920.
    Joseph B. Bezanson born March 16th. 1834.
    Karnaret A. Bezanson born Oct. 15th. 1845.  [nee Corkum.]

Genealogical Newsletter of the Nova Scotia Historical Society, No. 25 (Autumn, 1978), p. 110