A Brave Boy.

AT a meeting of the Royal Humane Society, held at the offices, Travalgar Square, several praiseworthy instances of saving life were investigated, and rewards conferred. The bronze medallion with a suitable testimonial, was unanimously voted to a little boy 12 years of age, named Willie Francis, of Windsor, Nova Scotia, for saving the life of Stanleo [Stanley] Bezanson, on October 24 last. It appeared that Bezansen fell over a wharf into the water, it being very nearly high water at the time. Francis, who was fishing in the neighbourhood, witnessed the accident, and the gallant little follow jumped over the wharf into a depth of about 15 feet of water with all his clothes on. After great exertion he reached the spot where young Bezanson had sunk, and after diving several times succeeded in reaching him. He then paddled with him to the wharf, where he caught hold of one of the posts with one hand while he supported his charge with the other, just keeping his head above water. After a little time his shouts for assistance were heard, and both rescuer and rescued were hauled up on the wharf, the former very much exhausted, and the latter foaming at the mouth and all but dead.

Newcastle (NSW) Morning Herald & Miners' Advocate, 14 April 1877, page 2